Yes, I agree. Humanitarian workers should not be #targetsoftheworld. Attacks on hospitals MUST stop.

International humanitarian law is being flouted on a daily basis. In areas of conflict, suffering under bombardment, doctors and nursing staff are now being targeted.

Yet on 3 May 2016, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution strongly condemning acts of violence, attacks and threats directed at ill and injured patients, nursing staff, humanitarian workers and medical facilities.

More than two years later nothing has changed. The international community is failing to honour its commitments. Even more tragic is the fact that countries which are permanent members of the Security Council are directly or indirectly participating in violating these laws by providing military support and selling arms to certain States.

Today, on World Humanitarian Day we urge UN member states to:

  • Enforce Resolution 2286 relating to protecting health workers and medical facilities;
  • Force fighters to immediately respect the protection of civilians;

  • Bring an end to the targeting of healthcare staff.

Please join thousands of kind, compassionate supporters of Doctors of the World  from around the globe who have already signed our petition. 

Yes, I stand with Doctors of the World and call on UN member states to fully adopt and implement Resolution 2286 to protect health workers and medical facilities.

Medical professionals should never be a military target.